80-century nostalgia 😉
BTB-Back To Basic PRO GYM
Summer/Limited Edition ☀️
IN: Miami Vice Style 🌴
Color: White

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The logo was created and formed by a B (BTB) with a body builder that grows larger in the letter B. This symbolizes that no matter who you are or what you dream of, we can all grow bigger in ourselves regardless of goal. We all have different goals with their training and with the right atmosphere and people around it all goes. At BTB you find the right inspiration to grow both physically but also as a person as we pusch each other in a family atmosphere. The symbol stands for growing in what you have a passion for. Over time, we also worked out a Limited Edition colour with the inspiration of: Miami Vice theme As we want the logo to symbolize just 80-century nostalgia as we actually stand for-Back To Basic-back/preserve the old Arnold bodybuilding time. This colour was first sold in the Limited Edition but the demand became so big so now there is the black hoodie in Maimi Vice theme all year round while every summer, a new colour for the summer is a piece, such as white & yellow so far. Every summer we pick up a new limited edition colour. Having a collection of these has become very poppis even by people who do not train with us/live in the same city. So now is the chance for everyone to buy them on our own website.