BTB is a key gym that is open around the clock for those who are 16 years of age or older. On 550 square meters you will find most of the condition and strength. Among other things, there are exercise bikes, fitness maksiner, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and stair machines. We have also expanded a Strongman/women part at our back during the summer. As a new member you always get a free introduction to get maximum benefits from their training. We also sell food supplements, drinks, ice cream from LOHILO, Foodbox and good protein bars in our shop. We also sell clothes from our own collection.

We are a classic gym that takes strength training back to basic and at the same time lets the familiar, welcoming feeling stand in focus. BTB Gym stands for a successful competition culture & knowledge sits in the walls of Bodybuildning & Fitness. Here, exercisers train together with the elite. The perfect atmosphere for EVERYONE to reach their goals.

Today there are a variety of “facilities” but we are a GYM. Therefore, BTB GYM started 2006 for the purpose: “The place with a name that speaks for itself, BACK TO BASIC”. There has been a concept that was lacking in Karlstad and there has been a cool development since its inception. The rumor about BTB Gym has spread from mouth to mouth and today we are more members than what you even thought was possible from the start. Many seem to feel the need to train under pleasant and straightforward forms.

Please come and visit us during the manned time and we will be happy to show you around and tell you more.


Welcome to us and be inspired

We are 3 who take care of the gym + our very own mascot Maui who keeps the mood on top! Continuation of this text.


Mariana Carlsson

Frida Lundqvist

Maui Mc Bacon