Welcome to BTB Gym, Karlstads Mecca of Bodybuilding & Fitness. A classic gym that takes working out back to basic while letting a welcoming feeling stand in focus. BTB Gym stands for a successful competition culture and knowledge sits in the walls of Bodybuildning & Fitness. Here, casual exercisers train together with the elite. The perfect atmosphere for EVERYONE to reach their goals.

At BTB GYM you will find the best atmosphere and training inspiration. Regardless of your training background, you will feel at home in this familiar atmosphere. Our premises are fresh industrial premises on two levels with the right gym feeling! The total Gymytan is about 550 m2 and is divided on two levels and the reception area is about 80 m2. We hope that everyone will enjoy our stay with us, old and young. We have a nice all-feel-all atmosphere and the members will gladly help each other.

BTB is a key gym that is open around the clock. Among other things, there are exercise bikes, fitness machines, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and stair machines. We also have a expanded Strongman/women part at our back during the summer. As a new member you always get a free introduction to get maximum benefits from their training.

We also sell supplements, drinks, ice cream from LOHILO, Foodbox and good protein bars in our shop, among others. We also sell clothes from our own collection. We have great confidence in our members and therefore dare to leave the shop open around the clock, all year round despite the absence of staff. The shop works with self-service with swish as a payment method. We go through all of this in the free introduction you get as a new member of us at BTB.